Who we are

Mirae Asset Venture Investments (India) is the venture capital arm of Mirae Asset Global Investments.

We focus on investing in companies that leverage technology to disrupt industries and create a transformative impact on society. We invest across stages providing the support and guidance that our portfolio companies need to reach their full potential.

How we invest

We are a sector agnostic, multi-stage tech investment firm.

Early Stage

Investing in and supporting mission-driven entrepreneurs in their initial stages of building enterprise and consumer solutions with investments from $500K to $5M.

Growth & Late Stage

Investing in high-growth companies with a sustainable business model, path to profitability and excellent governance with cheque sizes ranging from $5M to $50M.

We also possess the ability to support companies in their IPO journey through our industry leading public markets practice.

About Mirae Asset Global Investments

Mirae Asset Global Investments is a diversified asset manager providing innovative solutions worldwide to help clients achieve their goals in a rapidly changing world.

Our growth is based on unwavering principles and philosophies. Open communication with our clients helps us stay ahead of competition while ensuring that we keep the faith bestowed upon us safe. Our responsibility for your future is at the core of our values, influencing our actions that help us retain client belief. Investment and growth go hand in hand which is why we will continue to innovate, to create a healthier and happier society.

A global asset manager delivering innovative investment solutions.

Mirae Asset Global Investments was founded in Asia and now has a presence in 19 countries, where we take a collaborative approach in managing a fully diversified investment platform.

Powered by a unique perspective and the expertise of our global investment professionals, we adapt to our clients’ changing needs and deliver innovative solutions across asset classes. Providing them with insightful ways to construct portfolios and achieve their investment objectives.

We currently invest over $234.9bn on behalf of clients, giving us the scale and expertise to identify opportunities in an evolving world. (AUM as of 31st December 2023).

Global Network

Meet the Founder & GSO

Hyeon Joo Park is the founder and Global Strategy Officer (GSO) of the Mirae Asset Financial Group.

His leadership and entrepreneurial spirit has been the driving force behind the global rise of Mirae Asset, where he has spearheaded continuous change as a permanent innovator.

Hyeon Joo Park has focused on the role of GSO since 2018, embarking on a mission to grow and evolve Mirae Asset’s global platform. His transition to GSO ushered in an institutionalized management model, the engine of the group’s success worldwide.

This model equips Mirae Asset’s teams around the world with the leadership that fulfills the founder’s spirit of entrepreneurship.

Business Philosophy

We value our people and embrace the future with an open mind.


As a global financial group, we pursue excellence in investment management to help our clients achieve their long-term objectives.

Core Values

Our four core values should be the key decision-making criteria for all Mirae Asset employees.

Clients first

Our clients’ success is paramount - their success is our success. We build and nurture long-term relationships with our clients by using our proven investment strategies.


We assess every investment opportunity objectively and with total impartiality. Our independence sets us apart and helps ensure that our decisions are aligned with the needs of our clients.


Mirae Asset’s success is built on respect for each individual. It is our aim to create a true meritocracy in which talent and achievement are rewarded and opportunity is equally available to all.


At Mirae Asset, we are profoundly aware of our responsibilities. As a good corporate citizen, we aim to give back to the communities in which we live and actively support and participate in a range of initiatives within them.